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Riverland Wine Region

Just over the border from Victoria, is Australia's largest wine growing region - the Riverlands of South Australia. The region produces over a quarter of all Australian wines and many of the grapes from this area go to supplement wines from other South Australian wine regions.

The Riverland region gains its name from the Murray River, which runs through its heartland. The Murray River is the reason that the grape and fruit harvests in the Riverlands are as great as they are. Its irrigation ensures the right amount of watering complements the perfect grape growing temperatures - the Riverland weather is mild with warm summers generating high grape yields.

Along the Riverland region in South Australia are numerous small boutique wineries that produce delicately scented and balanced wines. The Riverland is known especially for its Chardonnay. However, it also produces exceptional Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz which are fruity and full flavoured.

Food and wine tours of the Berri and Riverland cellar doors and restaurants are a popular way to discover the region. Pick up a map of the Riverland area and get your tastebuds ready to hit the trail, with over 24 sites to visit.

A number of larger wine growers add strength and stability to the Riverlands region. The Berri Estate just outside Berri, SA is Australia's largest winery and can store up to 73,000 million litres of wine. It has a cellar door with a wide range of wines for tastings and offers great discounts on unopened cartons.

Another large winery can be found at Renmark, home to Renmano wines which are part of the famous Hardy Wines group.